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Name/Subject Search Box

The name or subject search box allows you to search for an database name by keywords from the name or the subject of the database. If you choose to enter words from the database name, enter the words in the exact order that they would appear in the database name. For instance if you're searching for Journal Citation Reports, you'll find the database if you enter "Journal Citation Reports" but not if you enter "Report Journal Citation".

If you're not sure what the database name is, you can enter just a portion of the database name. For instance, you can enter "Journal Citation" to pull up and browse through all databases containing those words. "Dermatology" will pull up all databases containing that word in the name or the database's subject.

Spelling Issues

Remember that some words have both British and American spellings such as "Haematology" versus "Hematology". You can get different results depending upon which spelling you use.

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